Nymity Introduces Expert
Data Subject Rights (DSR) Solution

Oct 18, 2018: Nymity, the World’s number one provider of research-based privacy compliance software today announces “Nymity DSR”- an expert solution automating the data access rights process for organizations. The solution helps to ensure that companies meet their legal obligations for data subject requests as well as providing a positive requestor experience. Whether it is compliance with the GDPR, the future CCPA, or any of the other 1,900+ DSR obligations found in laws in over 115 countries, Nymity DSR enables companies to deliver demonstrable accountability across multiple jurisdictions.

In addition to the DSR solution, Nymity also introduces new supporting materials on the subject of data subject rights:

  • A detailed DSR Handbook on how to handle data subject rights
  • A DSR Toolkit addon to the Nymity Templates solution to help organizations understand their legal requirements, identify the scope of data subject rights and methods to respond.
  • A CCPA Accountability Handbook (California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018) to help organizations prepare for access requests under the CCPA in 2020

Terry McQuay, President and Founder of Nymity said “With the GDPR fully applicable and the CCPA on the horizon, more attention than ever before is being given to the rights of the data subject. Speed and accuracy are critical when responding to requestors. Nymity DSR simplifies the complexity of handling a subject request through an expert power dashboard, compliance panel and response templates. Nymity’s expertise in jurisdictional privacy laws and regulator guidelines are built right into the solution which means you don’t need to be a privacy professional to use it.”

The DSR Handbook explains how to deal with the various individual rights that exist in the main jurisdictions around the World, and provides practical real-life cases. It also describes best practices, policies and procedures on how to deal with data subject rights in your organization in order to demonstrate compliance.

Teresa Troester-Falk, Chief Global Privacy Strategist of Nymity added, “An Accountable Organization will ensure that internal policies & procedures are in place to deal with the rights of data subjects while meeting the strict deadlines that exist to provide a response. Nymity’s DSR Handbook will ensure you are up to date on the latest thinking on data subject rights and help deliver demonstrable accountability and compliance for your organization”.


Nymity DSR is available for demo now and will be released in Q1 2019. Please contact info@nymity.com for more information or to schedule a demo.

About Nymity:
Nymity Inc. provides award-winning research-based privacy compliance software solutions that enable organizations to achieve and maintain demonstrable compliance. With over 35 in-house privacy professionals, Nymity’s team has analyzed more than 830 laws covering over 28,000 provisions, and imparted more than 24,000 hours of thought leadership. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, and London, UK, Nymity also has offices in the United States, Netherlands, and Columbia.


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