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At its core, Nymity is a research company – whether conducting research to develop methodologies and frameworks, analysis, or better knowledge transfer technologies. A dedicated group of privacy professionals make up Nymity’s research team. Since 2002, the team has expanded rapidly, representing a diverse span of backgrounds, including former privacy commissioners and officers, privacy lawyers, privacy consultants, research analysts and policy experts.


15 Years of Helping Organizations Operationalize Compliance

Nymity has helped thousands of privacy officers worldwide operationalize compliance. Nymity’s award-winning research-based privacy management software solutions enable organizations to achieve and maintain compliance and to develop privacy programs that demonstrate ongoing data privacy compliance. Nymity is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and London, UK, with offices in the United States, The Netherlands and Colombia.

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Our software solutions incorporate a knowledgebase of over 24,000 authority documents, including more than 700 privacy laws and regulations which are analyzed and updated daily.


Our advanced research and proven approaches address current and future regulatory privacy risk.



With a renewal rate of over 95%, our privacy software solutions are used around the globe to achieve demonstrable compliance with privacy regulations.



We work with a team of experts comprised of over 25 privacy professionals with over 50 IAPP certifications.

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