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Founded in 2002, Nymity is a software company with 16 privacy compliance solutions. Our solutions are designed to minimize time to compliance as they are built on an Expert Platform. We are the only company in the industry with an Expert Platform maintained by a dedicated research team.

We have 16 solutions for:

  1. Knowledge and Awareness;
  2. Assessments; and
  3. Data Subject Requests
& Alerts
Records of
Processing Inventory
Accountability Planning
& Benchmarks
Operational Templates
& Resources
& Attestations
Data Subject
Data Transfer
Risk Mapping
Regulatory Risk
Risk Index
& Profiling

Featuring Success Stories of Privacy Superheroes

The solutions are enabled by Nymity’s in-house team of dedicated research experts and four levels of research that are built into the Expert Platform.

Dedicated Research Experts

Nymity are pioneers in privacy and it all started with research. Research is at the core of what we do. Our dedicated team of in-house researchers is what sets us apart by producing expert knowledge, not just data. The currency of knowledge is critical when it comes to privacy compliance. We don’t rely on 3rd party publishers so you always have confidence that the research is accurate and up to date. Only a platform that is built on the foundation of integrated research can minimize your time to compliance.

Framework Research

Nymity employs numerous integrated frameworks within the platform that were built in partnership with customers and regulators and are always kept up-to-date. The Nymity Privacy Management Accountability Framework™ is the de facto industry standard used by thousands of companies as their framework for privacy management, and contains over 130 privacy management activities organized in 13 categories. Download and use today. The other frameworks are now available in Research & Alerts. Our frameworks are foundational in reducing complexity in privacy compliance.

Content Research

Nymity’s Content Research enables knowledge, not just data. Content Research contains a structured daily analysis of laws, regulator decisions, and other authority documents based on Nymity’s proven methodology. The Content Research is embedded in all of Nymity’s solutions. Only a software company with a dedicated research team can do this.

Statistical Research

Statistical Research provides operational insight into how Nymity customers are managing their privacy compliance activities and is integrated to all of our solutions. It enables benchmarking, privacy program knowledge and a deep understanding of trends in privacy management.

Warnings Research

Warnings research includes a library of compliance warning and notifications triggered by the context of the activity a user is undertaking.

This enables a number of warnings and notifications including:

  • Risk alerts of potential non-compliance
  • Triggers for the need to apply a policy or procedure
  • Automatic trigger for a DPIA
  • Producing contextual rules when they are needed
  • Producing real time DSR annotations in context

Featuring Success Stories of Privacy Superheroes

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