2018 Privacy Compliance Software Buyer’s Guide, Part 2: Privacy Office Support Software

Written by Nymity
on February 08, 2018

In many ways, complying with privacy laws is very straight-forward. Your organisation must:

  • Understand your legal obligations;
  • Build a privacy program made up of policies, procedures, and other relevant accountability mechanisms; and
  • When there is sufficient volume and complexity, implement automated privacy management software.

This process becomes challenging, however, when multiple privacy laws and multiple regulators enter your sphere of obligation, as with the GDPR. For over 15 years, Nymity has been dedicated to producing research-based software to enable the privacy office to build a complete privacy program.

There are three categories of privacy compliance software:

1) Legal Research Software
2) Privacy Office Support Software
3) Privacy Management Software.

Nymity has recently released the 2018 Privacy Compliance Software Buyer’s Guide. This resource contains an unprecedented amount of information on all three categories of privacy compliance software, including how to craft a business case, and how each type relates to the GDPR. In the first installment of this blog series, we shared a great deal of exciting information from the Buyers Guide on the first category of privacy compliance software: Legal Research Software. Today, we will take a look at the second category: Privacy Office Support Software.

How Can Privacy Office Support Software Help my Organisation?
The privacy office is responsible for building and maintaining an effective privacy program consisting of policies, procedures, and other accountability mechanisms. Privacy office support software assists the individuals responsible for these tasks in effectively:

  • Building and maintaining a structured privacy program
  • Managing a privacy office team
  • Benchmarking a privacy program internally and externally

Templating Software
One of the best ways to increase the efficiency of the privacy program development process, while ensuring the efficacy, is to begin with a standardized infrastructure for each mechanism: a template. Privacy office support software is also commonly referred to as Templating Software.

An effective software solution for templating provides multiple, up-to-date supporting documents to serve as samples for the privacy office in crafting their own materials. An online search for such templates often results in finding poor quality documents that are either incomplete or difficult to replicate, making templating software that much more valuable.

When seeking out a templating software provider, ensure that the solution includes the appropriate accountability mechanisms, as well as a selection of additional resources, including:

  • Business Cases
  • Spreadsheets
  • Checklists
  • Case Studies
  • Real-world Samples
  • Instructional Videos
  • Search Features
  • Trend Analysis
  • GDPR-Specific Resources

Nymity Templates™ is a resource-rich solution featuring ample documentation and support to assist in the development of an effective privacy management program. For more information on Nymity Templates™, visit https://www.nymity.com/products/privacy-management-templates.aspx.

Planning Software
Planning software equips the privacy office to develop an overall strategy for the privacy program as a whole, providing the resources to help the team plan, maintain, and report on a structured privacy program.

Program Visualisations
Effective planning software will streamline communication and resource allocation through a comprehensive dashboard, providing visibility on program status, outstanding activities, and deadlines.

Gap Assessments and Mitigation
Planning software should be equipped to identify gaps, and address them with the appropriate reporting and accountability requirements.

Program Reporting
Look for a planning software solution that can provide both regular and on-demand reporting.

Nymity Planner™ uses a structured approach to privacy management to help your organisation assign, communicate, and report the ownership of privacy throughout the organisation. For more information, visit: https://www.nymity.com/products/privacy-management-planner.aspx.

Benchmarking Software
Management would generally like to have an understanding of where their organisation’s privacy program stands in comparison to other organisations, and in some cases, to compare the progress of one internal department versus another. Benchmarking software provides this functionality, as well as a variety of additional solutions.

Readiness Assessments
Efficient benchmarking software will report on the status of the privacy program within the context of readiness assessments for certain frameworks including the GDPR, Binding Corporate Rules (BCR), or the APEC Cross Border Privacy Rules (CBPR).

Management Reporting
Regular or on-demand reporting should be supported by your benchmarking software. This justifies the business case and use of privacy office resources.

Nymity Benchmarks™ empowers your organisation to statistically and confidentially report on the status of your privacy efforts, based on a standard set of process and activity measures. For more information on Nymity Benchmarks™, visit https://www.nymity.com/products/privacy-program-metrics.aspx.

Privacy Impact Assessments: Can they be templated?
While PIA’s are typically found in the form of spreadsheets within templating software, in situations where the personal data being processed is either complex, or occurring in large volumes, automated PIA software may be necessary. But how should an organisation go about choosing the right solution?

Nymity provides clients with a full suite of software solutions that span all three categories of privacy compliance software: Legal Research Software, Privacy Office Support Software, and Privacy Management Software. For more information on the final category, Privacy Management Software, don’t miss part three of our blog series on the 2018 Privacy Compliance Software Buyers Guide.

To view the Buyers Guide in full, click here.

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